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Cirkus Cirkor: Knitting Peace

I consider myself fortunate to have grown-up at a time when Cirque du Soleil www.cirquedusoleil.com was born, and to have watched it evolve and leave its artistic imprint in Quebec, Canada and other parts of the world.  Cirque du Soleil turned me on to Contemporary Circus. The global interest in this art-form spawned many other companies to develop and grow. 

Last fall I attended Strikkefestival in Fano, Dk and was introduced to  Cirkus Cirkor http://cirkor.se/ The Swedish Contemporary Circus performed Knitting Peace directed by Tilde Bjorfors.  I didn't really understand how anyone could incorporate knitting into a live performance. The result was unbelievable. The symbolic use of white yarn was used as a tool to weave a story that contemplates the questions "Is it possible to actually knit peace? Can worldwide knitting for the peace movement make a difference?"

Tilde Bjorfors' story is told by talented performers who mellifluously glide across the stage on giant balls of string, dance on slack-lines and inside knitted works. I, along with the rest of the crowd, were completely captivated. Cirkus Cirkor are coming to America and will be performing at the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts from April 8-10, 2016 http://pifa.org/ You don't have to be a knitter to love the performance. If you are in the area, check them out. 

Cirkus Cirkör is a play on the french words 'Cirque' and 'Coeur', circus and heart.

Cirkus Cirkör is a play on the french words 'Cirque' and 'Coeur', circus and heart.

Vision Statement

Cirkus Cirkör's vision is to change the world using contemporary circus. 

Cocky Commitment

Quality Madness

Collective Individualism

"At Cirkus Cirkör we continue to dream big and make reality out of our dreams!"

In 1997 Cirkör started the first contemporary circus education in Scandinavia: Cirkuspiloterna. In 2005 the artistic education merged into the University system and today it is run by the University of Dance and Circus.  

Contemporary circus is now an established art form in Sweden.

Contemporary circus is now an established art form in Sweden.

In 2005 Cirkus Cirkör was given the status of a regional artistic institution with fixed grants from the Swedish Arts Council, the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council and Botkyrka County. 

Strikkefestival Fano 2015 - The performers were very popular at the festival.

World AIDS Day & The Red Scarf Project My daughter told me about the Red Scarf project in Peterborough and thought I might be interested. I saw this as an opportunity to participate in an HIV/AIDS initiative in a community outside of Toronto.